Evaluation Kit MCB-01



Evaluation Kit MCB-01 is designed for developing and debugging the embedded software of the motor control systems based on microcontrollers 1867ВЦ5Т manufactured by Research Institute of Electronic Technology  (Voronezh, Russia), in particular:

  • Control of the electric drive parameters (current, torque, speed, position);
  • Protections of electric drive;
  • Process control;
  • Signaling and remote control;
  • Digital Communications;
  • Human-machine interface.

The evaluation set provides the control for:

  • Single or dual motor drive;
  • Three-phase induction motor;
  • Synchronous motor;
  • DC motor.

The evaluation set supports most of must-have features of common servo drives and frequency converters, including integrated interfaces USB and RS-232, ROM, digital-to-analog converter, analog-to-digital converter, seven-segment display, buttons etc.


Features and Benefits:

  • Two interfaces USB 2.0 and RS -232 are available;
  • An encoder can be connected;
  • ROM, DAC, ADC, seven-segment LED, 6 buttons, reference device, digital inputs and outputs are built-in;
  • The dc link voltage up to 350 V with a continuous current of 3 A (a maximum one of 20 A).


Delivery set:

  • Interface card InterCard-0 1;
  • The power board UniPower -01;
  • Radiator;
  • Electric motor according to the order *;
  • Power Supply AC / DC ~ 220 V / 24 B;
  • Null-modem cable DB9F-DB9F 3.0m;
  • Cable USB 2.0 A / B 1.8m with ferrite rings;
  • A set of connecting cables;
  • Engineering manual;

* optional.

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