Regulated Power Supply НПФМ.435311.001

General information about the device and its technical characteristics

Regulated Power Supply НПФМ.435311.001 (hereinafter referred to as "RPS") is intended for outputting regulated dc voltage up to 42 V with voltage ripple not exceeding 2% for load continuous current up to 840 A.

RPS is supplied from 3-phase ac system of 380 V 50 Hz.

Operations with the device can be done only by personnel with proper qualifications (level of electrical safety access qualification no lower than the third one), which has studied User’s manual НПФМ.435311.001 РЭ.

Main technical characteristics of RPS are listed in table 1.

Table 1 – Main technical characteristics of RPS
Parameter Значение
Rated supply voltage 380  VAC (+10%.. -15%), 50 Hz
Rated output voltage 42 VDC
Output voltage ripple, not exceeding 2%
Continuous output current 840 A
Operational temperature range of environment, °C +1…+45
Dimensions (LхWхH), no more 85х60х150 cm
Weight, no more 250 kg
Prottection degree of housing according to Russian State Standard ГОСТ 14254, at least IP41


  • RPS is allowed to operate with following overloads:
  1. 880 A within up to 60 minutes;

  2. 1000 A within up to 10 minutes;
  3. 1200 A within up to 1 minute.
  • The following protections have been implemented into RPS:
  1. overloading protection from long-term overload of RPS;
  2. overcurrent protection from short circuit;
  3. overheating protection of inverter power transistors;
  4. protection from undervoltage of power supply;
  5. protection from smoke in the housing of RPS.

Complete set

  1. Regulated Power Supply НПФМ.435311.001.
  2. Certificate НПФМ.435311.001 ПС.
  3. User’s manual (on request).

Warranties of the manufacturer

  1. Warranty operating life of RPS is 18 months from launch date.
  2. Warranty storage period is 12 months from date of delivery of the device to the customer.
  3. Mean lifetime of the device is 20 years.

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