Training stand of type «K» is evaluation kit MCB-04, which is located in one case with motor and power supply.

Function of stand of type «K» is to train the programming under MexBIOS Development Studio environment and to develop control algorithms and circuits for various motors. The stand with supply voltage of power circuits up to 36 V can also be used to test microprocessor and converter electronic circuits.

There are three versions of stands of this type:

  • with dc motor, type «K-DCM» (MCB-04-DC);
  • with induction motor, type «К-IM» (MCB-04-AC);
  • with brushless dc motor, type «К-BLDCM» (MCB-04-BLDC).

In all the versions the motors are completed by speed sensors – encoders.

The stand includes:

  • personal computer;
  • processor module based on microcontroller TMS320F28335 “Delfino” (Developer’s module MChip176-28335), TMS320F28035 “Piccolo” (Developer’s module MChip80-28035) or TMS320LF2812 (Developer’s module mZdsp-2812);
  • interface board with liquid-crystal display, buttons, digital and analog input-output lines;
  • power board with power module and power supply;
  • motor of specified type with built-in or attached encoder;
  • hand control panel with control and indication components;
  • power supply unit;
  • case with overall dimensions 470x350x170 mm.

The stand can be completed by a notebook or personal computer.
The set supports majority of required functions of servo drives and frequency converters because of embedded ROM, DAC, ADC, liquid-crystal display, buttons etc. The algorithm of the set operation is determined by application program, which is developed by user on one's own or based on given examples.
Communication of the stand and the computer can be carried out via interfaces RS-232, RS-485 or USB.
The training stand is to be supplied from 1-phase ac power line 50 Hz 220 V +10%-15%.

The set includes:

  • stand ticket, combined with manual;
  • training guide to carry out laboratory works in discipline «Control systems of electric drives»;
  • demo projects to control the motor and loading aggregate.

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