TMS320F280x V2.1

Supported version of MexBIOS Development Studio: 3.31

Supported microcontrollers: TMS320F2801, TMS320F2802, TMS320F2806, TMS320F2808, TMS320F2809

Number of blocks: 113

The component library contains the following categories of blocks and templates:

  • template of start project for microcontrollers of the family TMS320F280x manufactured by Texas Instruments;
  • Sources – signal sources and generators;
  • Math – mathematical functions;
  • Motor Control – control functions of electric motor;
  • Regulators and Filters – controllers and filters;
  • Logic General – general logic functions;
  • Logic Bitwise – bitwise logical operations;
  • Logic Advanced – logic relays, triggers, switches, timers;
  • Analog Logic – logical operations for analog signals;
  • Memory – blocks handling the microcontroller memory;
  • Drivers – periphery drivers;

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