Technical performance of servo drive

Multipole synchronous motor DSMG-0,04-50-1-Д-У3 IM3681 IC49 27V.

Embedded control block EC-BL-100.

Rated supply voltage 42 V DC.

Maximum short-term consumption current, no more 5 A (for time of the valve closing/opening).

Short-term torque, at least 24 Nm (for time of the valve closing/opening).

Overall dimensions, no more 135*135*165.

Operable with other fittings, which have electric drive connection according to ISO 5211.

Manufacture of electric drive according to customer’s requirements with other torque, supply voltage, drive connection and other characterisitcs.


Control modes

Digital input (close/open)

CAN interface

RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol


Application example with с globe valve

Globe valve Camozzi MAGNUM Wafer DN32.

Structural design: floating ball, not extending the housing, full-opening type.

Flange junction according to standards EN1092-1 ed. 2008, ANSI; B16.5.

Operating pressure 16 to 40 bar.

Operating temperature -45 to + 50°C.

Turn angle: 90°.

Actuating time no more 1 s.

In basic version there is no manual override.


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