Door drive controller EC-LD-180

The door drive controller EC-LD-180 is designed to control a synchronous drive motor in the opening / closing mechanisms of elevator doors and operation under the control of the following elevator stations:

  • of SHUL type: SHULK, SHULM, SHULR;
  • of UL type: UL, UKL, UEL, SHLR.

The controller is powered from a single-phase power supply grid of 220 V (+ 10%, -15%) with fundamental frequency of 50 Hz ± 1%.
The controller carries out the following functions:

  • control of synchronous motor with rotor position sensor;
  • determining the current position of the doors and the presence of an obstruction using a connected photocell or by exceeding the torque generated by the motor to close the door;
  • outputting limit stop switches signals about achieving open and close states of doors, as well as the presence of obstructions in the doorway;
  • disabling the mechanical lock of the elevator door in case of power failure;
  • overvoltage protection, current / torque limitation of the motor, the formation of the required law of motion.

Specification is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 – Specification



Power supply

220 V, 50 Hz, AC.

Maximum output current (Effective or RMS value)

Long-term – 3 A;

Short-term – 7 A.

Digital inputs

Elevator station connection:

3 it.;

type: 24 V / voltage free output relay contact;

input current not more than 10 mA;

galvanic insulation.

Safety photocell connection:

1 it.;

type: 5 V / voltage free output relay contact / gate logic / OC;

input resistance not more than 52 kOhm;

galvanic insulation.

Digital outputs

4 it.;

type: voltage free output relay contact; max. current 0,12 A,

max. voltage 24 V DC;

galvanic insulation.

Rotor position sensor

Analogue sine-cosine one with differential output and output voltage range 0 to 5 V.


By means of control panel via RS-485 interface, connecting to the controller by USB 2.0 AM / BM cable;

8 microswitches.

Hardware protections

Short Circuit;


Software protections

peak current in motor phase windings;

excess of long-term current in motor phase windings;

overheating of heat sink;

DC link overvoltage;

rotor position sensor fault;

motor phase winding fault.

Control buttons

2 it.


two-color LED (green/red)

Housing protection


Dimensions, mm, not more



not more than 1.5 kg


Contents of delivery

In the package of delivery of the controller are included the following items:

  1. door drive controller EC-LD-180 – 1 it.;
  2. set of connector counterparts for controller;
  3. certificate NPFM.421417.002 ПС – 1 it.;
  4. operations manual NPFM.421417.002 РЭ (on customer’s request) – 1 it.;
  5. unit package – 1 it.

Control panel is included in the set of delivery of the controller.

Serial deliveries are carried out by "KEMZ" Kaluga-city, Russia


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