Developer’s Kit mZdsp 2812



The Kit is intended for development and debugging of software for microcontroller TMS320LF2812.

Features and advantages

  • Developer’s Kit mZdsp 2812 is a debugging board for microcontroller TMS320LF2812 manufactured by Texas Instruments and is close functional analogue of board eZdsp™F2812 manufactured by SpectrumDigital.
  • The module design and periphery allow using the module as complete processor board for the electric motor control units.
  • Two interfaces USB 2.0 and RS-232 are available on the board.
  • The board can be powered both from the USB power bus and from an external power supply.
  • Expanded external memory 256/512 Kbyte is available.
  • The board is size and pin compatible with board eZdsp™F2812 manufactured by Spectrum Digital.
  • The module is supplied with operational real-time environment MexBIOS™ that is pre-installed into Flash-memory of the processor and with graphical programming environment MexBIOS™Development Studio that accelerates considerably the development of the software. 
  • For the consumer of the modules mZdsp 2812 the environment MexBIOS™Development Studio is accessible for downloading for free in section Software of the website.
  • The module can be programmed both in graphical environment MexBIOS™Development Studio and in Code Composer Studio environment.

Delivery set:

  • Development board mZdsp 2812
  • Power supply ~220 V / + 5 V, 3 A
  • Programmer *
  • Null-modem cable DB9F-DB9F 3.0м
  • Cable USB 2.0 A/B 1.8m with ferrite rings
  • Engineering manual
  • Pre-installed OS MexBIOS™

* optional


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