The system is intended for thermo-running of series-manufactured electronic devices, at thermo-running the operability of the electronic devices is tested automatically.

  • The system is oriented to testing devices: «special-purpose controller», «frequency converter», «soft starter», «measurement controller», «smart sensor», «power supply» etc.
  • The system allows simulating the operating conditions of the tested controllers at higher temperature with periodic applying control signals, supply voltage and estimating correctness of functioning of tested controllers.
  • The system can be used to carry out procedures of intermediate tests of electronic controllers for correctness of assemblage and operability of circuit boards of the device.
  • The system is able to reveal defects of assembly, soldering, component parts, as well as software failures, communication interfaces faults.
  • Knoware of the system is able to adapt to the test program of the devices according to their implementation specificity and requirements of normative documents and specification for the device.
  • The system consists of the thermal training chamber and the device testing system module.

Thermal training chamber has following specification:

  • Overall dimensions (WхHхL) 3,63 х 2,58 х 2,70 m.
  • Operating temperature 60 °С.
  • Temperature control in range (+40) – (+80) °С.
  • Accuracy of temperature maintenance ±1 °С
  • Heating rate no less than, 2 °С/min.
  • Rated supply voltage of the system 380 V (-15 %...+10%).
  • The chamber is completed by 5 mobile racks, on any of which 12 tested controllers of the electronic control unit BUR are mounted. Tested electronic controllers (board sets, devices etc.) are mounted on mobile racks. Number of racks that are located in the chamber simultaneously – up to 6.
  • Number of tested devices on mobile rack – 3..12 (depend on dimensions).

Devices testing module has following specification:

  • Simultaneous testing up to 60 electronic controllers.
  • Individual energizing for 60 controllers (220 V).
  • Individual energizing for 60 controllers (380 V).
  • Individual loading for 60 controllers (up to 10 A).
  • Number of tested digital inputs 600.
  • Number of tested digital outputs 600.
  • Number of tested analog inputs – 36.
  • Number of tested analog outputs – 36.
  • Number of tested channels via RS485 – 60.
  • Ability to power electric motor of 1 kW power as loading of power circuit of tested controllers for each mobile rack.


  • The control system is provided by special-purpose knoware, which is able to form the signal sequences as inputs for tested controllers and estimate correctness of the tested controllers’ reaction for given sequences.
  • Control system is able to monitor the failure statistics for each tested controller, carry out a given set of tests (tests of digital inputs/outputs, tests of analog inputs/outputs, tests of operation of power transistors for voltage converters and frequency regulator), and automatically stop testing of the controller, if a failure is happen.
  • While ordering the product, the fastening of tested controllers to the mobile rack, connection of tested controllers to the mobile rack, testing algorithm of tested controllers have to be specified. The specification can be changed according to the customer’s requirements.

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