$825.92 is a frequency converter with open software platform based on microcontroller TMS320F28335 manufactured by Texas Instruments and power intelligent module.

Software of the frequency converter is developed under pre-installed into Flash-memory of the processor operational run-time environment MexBIOS and graphical programming environment MexBIOS Development Studio. This feature allows for the converter users to improve the software, to optimize it for one’s own tasks, including by developing and adding one’s own program modules both in level of controlling power inverter, and in level of programmed-logic controller to solve problems of local automation. And for that both text and block-module programming languages can be used, which makes the process accessible not only for professional programmers, but also for electronics engineers, system analysts etc.

Construction of frequency converters has two version of arrangement: vertical and horizontal, which allows to optimize location of the converter in the control cabinet. The case of the converter is optional.

The converter has a set of periphery, part of which is optional. Maximum set includes:

  • Ethernet interface 10 Gb;
  • 2 RS-485 interfaces with individual galvanic coupling;
  • USB interface with programmer to program and debug the software;
  • 2 DAC 0…10 V with group galvanic coupling;
  • 4 relay outputs with перекидывающимся ? контактом ~250 V 8 A;
  • 6 digital inputs (optional 5V / 24V ) with group galvanic coupling; 6 digital inputs (TTL level) without galvanic coupling;
  • Incremental encoder interface (A+A-B+B-Z+Z- or A B Z, 5 В) with galvanic coupling;
  • Two-line LCD;
  • Membrane keyboard.

Specification of frequency converter MBS-FC01.хх.xxx

  • Rated voltage, V    3х380 + N
  • Rated current, A    6*    9*    16*
  • Maximum current    2•IRAT    2•IRAT    2•IRAT
  • Power up to 7,5 kW
  • Processor TMS320F28335

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