Frequency converter KPA CD is supplied from industrial ac power supply with voltage 220 V and frequency 50 Hz. External dc power supply has regulated voltage up to 100 V. Maximum output supply voltage for the power converter is 115 V.

Features of KPA CD:

  • Output constant current with magnitude in range 0.01 to 0.71 A with ability of holding any required value during any time interval.
  • Limiting current magnitude by value of 0.9 A.
  • Maximum error in forming phase current of required magnitude 0.002 A (in frequency range 0 to 200 Hz).
  • Maximum frequency of output current no less than 200 Hz and no more than 1000 Hz.
  • Control frequency of power transistors in output inverter of 20 kHz.
  • Fault and failure protections.


The following hard and soft protections have been implemented:

− wrong polarity connection protection in case of wrong connection of external dc power supply;

− through currents protection of the inverter power transistors;

− dc overvoltage protection of inverter power transistors;

− overheating protection of inverter power transistors. Two-level thermal protection with warning generation about thermal overload and inverter switching-off due to overheating: in first level – soft protection, in the second – a hard protection;

− fault protection is the over-current one. Two-level over-current protection: in first level – soft protection, in the second – a hard protection;

− undervoltage protection in the power transistor drivers;

− undervoltage or power failure protection.

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