MexBIOS Development Studio V3.31.0

MexBIOS Development Studio – is a visual environment for development and simulation/emulation of embedded software for control systems of electric motors, of technological complexes, programmable logic controllers. 

For purpose of simulation of the software operation and studying the MexBIOS Development Studio environment it is distributed free of charge and afford the following opportunities to the user:

  • to develop its own software for control of electric motors, technological complexes, PLC;
  • to simulate operation of the software and electromechanical objects and systems;
  • to debug a software loaded into microcontroller;
  • to run the software in microcontroller for the time period no more than two hours (in demo mode);
  • to install the component libraries for new microcontrollers.

For commercial usage of the MexBIOS Development Studio environment you need to purchase a license key. When you purchase a license, you will get in addition to the above mentioned  features:

  • unlimited running time of the software in micrcontroller;
  • replication of devices based on MexBIOS technology;
  • free consulting services for the environment operation in the course of 1 year.

We are waiting for your suggestions or questions!

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