Servocontroller AC-Servo-200

NPF Mechatronica-Pro announces release from development and start of sales of new device - Servocontroller AC-Servo-200.

Controller of a servo drive (servocontroller) AC-Servo-ХХХ НПФМ.421417.005 , is intended for control of synchronous and BLDC motors.

Regular software supports the following motor types:

– FL57BL04;
– FL86BLS98-48V-30440A;
– BLM57180-1000;
– ACM604V60-01-2500.
- Maxon motor EC 60 Ø60 mm, brushless, 400 Watt, with Hall sensors;
- 3
ДБМ70, 3ДБМ120 (in developmental stage).

Servocontroller AC-Servo-200

The servo controller is manufactured in various versions and is a freely programmable device. Its programming is carried out under integrated environment MexBIOS Development Studio. Manufacturer is able to adapt the regular software to meet the Customer’s requirements and provide the developed project with the device.
Communication with top control level is fulfilled via interface RS-485 by protocol ModBUS RTU.

Customer is able to adapt the regular software to solve his tasks on his own, including controlling a new type of electric motor. For programming you need to set the periphery driver blocks: to set functions for the processor pins, input signal from ADC, generation of PWM etc. You need also to process the feedback signals by embedded blocks and to output control(s) on outputs of the servo controller.

The following sensors can be connected to the servocontroller:
1) incremental encoder – to get a signal of rotational speed of the motor shaft or output shaft of the mechanism;
2) external absolute encoder with SSI interface, which can be mounted on output shaft of the movable operating element.

In the servocontroller the following hardware protections are implemented:
– protection of the inverter power switches against through-current;
– overcurrent protection against short circuit.

In regular software of the servocontroller the following software protections are implemented:
– overloading protection (time-current protection);
– protection of the inverter power switches against overvoltages in dc voltage bus;
– protection of the inverter power switches against overheating;
– protection against undervoltage in power supply;
– protection against от phase(s) open fault or electrical imbalance in phases of power supply;
– protection against open fault of one or several phase windings of the motor.


Main specification data of AC-Servo-ХХХ



Power supply

Version AC-Servo-200:

18-100 VDC

Version AC-Servo-900:

23-30 VDC

Main motor types

– Synchronous 3-phase
– DC motor

Maximum input current rating (effective value)




Version AC-Servo-200:

12 А

25 А

Version AC-Servo-900:

30 А

50 А

Braking chopper

– available

Interface for feedback sensors

– Incremental encoder 5 V
– SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface)
– Hall sensors 5V
– Sine-cosine encoder

Number of digital inputs
(galvanically isolated)

– 4 pcs.
– Type: 24 V / dry contact
– Input current no more 10 mA

Number of digital inputs
(galvanically non isolated)

– 4 pcs.
– Type: digital 5 V

Number of digital outputs
(galvanically non isolated)

– 4 pcs. Open Collector, up to 0.3 А, up to 80 VDC
– 1 pcs. Open Collector, up to 2 А, up to 80 VDC

Number of analog inputs

– 2 pcs.
– Type: floating input 10 V*

Communication interfaces

– RS-485, isolated
– RS-485, non isolated
– Ethernet
– CAN 2.0 (in developmental stage)


– 3 LEDs

Dimensions, with housing, no more

– 160х120х42 mm

Weight, with housing, no more

– 700 g

* Available on at the customer's request.