On 21st of April 2016 Mechatronica-Pro participates in the second practical conference RoboSector-2016 with contribution on topic "Programming microcontroller К1921ВК01Т under MexBIOS Development Studio environment for control of Maxon Motor".

Main theme of the conference RoboSector-2016 is prospective and actively developing in the whole world direction of robotics called soft robotics (and class of systems that is closely associated with it - collaborative robots). Direction soft robotics is very interesting and high-capacity one – both in terms of system types, applied technologies, solved problems and implementation prospect. It can be stated surely that it is a direction, which will determine outlines and opportunities of the branch.

Among the participants that have already confirmed their contribution to the conference are representatives of enterprises Maxon Motor (Switzerland) and Harmonic Drive (Germany), Android engineering (Russia), Robocenter Skolkovo (Russia), Beckhoff (Russia), ATEnergy (Russia), Robotics Development Center of Emergency Situation Ministery of Russian Federation (Russia), Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Science (Russia) and many other. In the frames of official program of the conference the new solutions and technologies will be presented, an exhibition of products will be organized, presentations of successful projects and examples of solving tasks for Russian and global market by the branch leaders.

Program of the Event

 9.30 – 10.00

Guests arrival and registration

10.00 – 10.15

Openning speech from organizers of the conference  

10.15 – 11.45

Section: Trends and estimations of the market


Estimations of Robotics global market outlook until 2025.

Harmonic Drive


Marketing director

Gurbashkov Maxim


Development prospect of building techniques for unified modular control systems of robotics complexes

Tomsk Polytechnic University Head of Department of Integrated Computer Control Systems

Liepinsh Andrey


What can do a startup on Industrial Robotics market?

RoboCenter Skolkovo

Gonnochenko Alexey


Robots among us


«Android engineering»

Chief Designer Bogdanov Alexey


Implementation of Laboratory into Educational and Research processes of an Institute of higher education.

Volgograd State Technical University

Associate Professor

Gavrilov Andrey

11.30 – 12.10


12.10 – 14.10

Section: Technologies


Adaptive, robust and non-linear control with implementation in several technical systems


Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Science

Leading Researcher of Laboratory «Complex system control»

Furtat Igor


High-speed fieldbus EtherCAT as a tool to realize the modern control architecture

Bechkoff Russia

Branch Director in Vladimir

Kuryugin Yuri


Power-generating units based on hydrogen-air fuel cells for robotics



Director of Development Klimenko Alexander


Programming microcontroller К1921ВК01Т under MexBIOS Development Studio environment for control of maxon motor


Leading Specialist of Promotion  Grudachev Daniil


Modern technologies of production of electronic components for enhance the degree of integration of robotic systems


Chief Operating Officer Fedorov Sergey


Operating Officer of 3D plastic circuits production

Volkov Igor

14.10 – 15.10


15.10 – 17.10

Section:  Projects and Solutions


Russian prospective anthropomorphous robot systems

Android Engineering

Chief Designer

Bogdanov Alexey


Designing force-torque transducers 

Central Research Institute RTK


Bulkin Roman


Making bionic prosthesa in Russia

Bionic Nataly

General Director

Ivanyuk Natalia


System integration increasing based on nodal solutions


Chief Technical Officer

Sergeyev Oleg

17.10 – 17.30


17.30 – 18.30

Panel discussion on Soft robotics


Introductory presentation about the problems and the discussion goals


Discussion of the terminology and approving Russian terms


Discussion of practical aspects and peculiarities that are tied with composing, implementation and application of soft robotics systems according to various technologies (control, drives, sensors etc)

18.30 – 19.00

Event sizing up and closing



Application for taking part in the conference