«NPF «Mechatronica-Pro» invites specialists of industrial enterprises and Research and Design centers to personal trainings in development of digital control systems for any type of electric machines and devices that are operating in real-time mode, which are based on Russian (manufactured by «Milandr»«Research Institute of Electronic Technology») and foreign microcontrollers.



The training will be carried out in Educational Center, which has been created together with Tomsk Polytechnic University.

   Terms and cost of the training can be discussed with interested parties individually.

   During the training, the learners will get advanced skills of development and testing of special-purpose software.

   Cut-and-dried solutions, which will be proposed for training and demonstration in field of control systems, have been tested by our partners.  In their opinion, our solutions correspond to up-to-date foreign prototypes (guaranteeing positioning accuracy, pass band, speed stabilization, efficiency factor etc.). The training process includes carrying out comparative studies of developed solutions with their foreign prototypes.

   During the trainings, the tutors from «NPF Mechatronica-Pro» are ready to consider your tasks and form most acceptable ways of the task solutions for you by applying our tested cut-and-dried solutions.

   The trainings are carried out based on our own technology MexBIOS and applications based on it.

   Program platform МехBIOS is a sole tool in Russia and solution concentrator in the field of control of electric drive and other real-time devices.

   «NPF Mechatronica-Pro» carries out activities in digital control systems development for electric motors based on Russian and foreign components, with co-operating starting at any stage of R&D activities, including for special-purpose products.


     Contact us to apply for the trainings:

     Tel: 8 (3822) 320-500